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What if I missed my delivery?

In general, food cannot be kept for too long in transit and we will not be able to arrange for a redelivery, especially if the request is received more than 15 minutes from the expected delivery time.

Our delivery bees always try to get in touch with you when they have reached your location. They wait for up to 10 minutes before leaving to ensure the quality and freshness of other orders. For that same reason, we are unable to leave your order on your doorstep.

If you have missed your delivery, we will still need to charge you for your order. In order to ensure that you do not miss your delivery, check the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) displayed for your order and keep your phone close by to ensure your next order reaches you while it's hot and fresh!

If you missed a delivery, please use "Chat with Us" button below to contact us immediately so that we can try our best to help with this situation.


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