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How much does delivery cost?

Off-peak delivery is free when you reach the minimum spend. The Minimum spend amount can vary between stores and delivery zones. Check the progress bar at the top of the page to see how much more to free delivery. If you don't reach the minimum spend, a delivery fee of up to $70 applies.

If you select a time slot when our delivery bees are very busy bees, you pay a small peak fee. The exact fee for each of the peak time slots is displayed in the time slot selection window.

If you have purchased the wrong items and are requiring for the item to be collected and refunded (provided the merchant permits us to refund this item), there will be a collection fee of $90.

Sometimes, they may not be able to access your property. In this case, they will arrange to meet you in the lobby or at the front gate.

In case your building does not have a lift or it is out of order, our delivery bees will walk up to the 3rd floor with no additional fee. (counting from ground floor if your order weighs 20kg or less).

If your address is located above 3/F or your order is above 20kg, an additional service fee of up to $240 HKD will be added to your receipt and charged to your card. (Please refer to the table below for details). If you do not want to incur this fee, please meet your delivery bee at the lobby for collection of the order.

If there is no lift service and your delivery address is above the 9th floor, please collect the items.

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