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Will my order be delivered to my doorstep?

Our delivery bees try their very best to deliver directly to your doorstep. Sometimes, they may not be able to access your property. In this case, they will arrange to meet you in the lobby or at the front gate.

In case your building does not have a lift or it is out of order, our delivery bees will walk up to the 3rd floor with no additional fee. (counting from ground floor if your order weighs 15kg or less).

An additional service fee of $100 HKD will be added to your receipt and charged to your card if your order is less than 15kg but you require the assistance of the bee to deliver from the 4th-8th floor. If there is no lift service and your delivery address is above the 9th floor, please collect the items from the lobby.

If the weight of the order is between 15-30kg, an additional service fee of $100 is charged for walking up to Floors 1-3 and $200 for Floors 4-8. If you do not want to incur this fee, please meet your delivery bee at the lobby for collection of the order.

honestbee is unable to deliver orders to public areas (e.g. MTR station, bus terminals).
When entering a delivery location, please ensure the address is specific and includes as much detail as possible (e.g. building name, street number, office suite/apartment number).

If you would like to give additional instructions to your delivery bee after placing your order, please contact us and we will pass on the message for you.


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